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Rent With Option To Buy Program

We are working with an amazing Rent With an Option to Buy Program.


Program buys the house that is listed for sale and rents it out to you. You pick a house!


Upon entering this program, you are given the monthly lease and purchase price information

each year for up to five years*, so you can plan for the future.


It provides access to the MLS listings in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties, expanding your selection to all qualifying homes for sale.


This program uses my skill to purchase the home you want, providing you with an affordable LEASE and a pre-set purchase price each year for up to five years*. Also, there are no hidden fees or non-refundable deposits.


You have the right to purchase the home at any time during your residency, at the

pre-set price. If the home value appreciates above this price each year and you choose to purchase it, you realize a financial benefit. If the value of the home declines, you can choose not to renew your lease and WALK AWAY without penalty.


Here are few basic requirements to start qualification process:

- Annual household income of $50,000+

-550 Credit Score, Credit History average + 

- Stable employment

- No history of eviction or other landlord issues • No pending bankruptcy

-No disqualifying criminal history

- Prove of income with 2 month worth of rent for security deposit.


Pets are allowed, no more than 3 plus some restrictions apply.



- Income Verification

- Last two pay stubs

- Most recent W-2

- Most recent tax return

- Last two quarters of P&L statements (required for small business owners)

- Asset Verification





Program requires that applicants show bank statements with a current balance that exceeds

two months of the household's requested rent in either a savings or a checking account.

For example, a household requesting $2000/month would need to show a current balance

that exceeds $4000








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